Our Expertise


While free trade is opening borders, the exchange of goods, services, technology and personnel is by no means free. Companies and individuals must meet stringent government immigration rules before passage is granted. At Garson LLP Immigration Law , we understand this paradox. As a firm practicing exclusively in the field of immigration law, we assist corporations and individuals in meeting the requirements to gain the advantages of international immigration to Canada and the United States.


Garson LLP Immigration Law : a law firm with a global outlook. While our scope is international, our approach is personal.


We understand the particular nature of immigration law as it is our exclusive area of practice. Acting on behalf of a wide range of clients from multi-national corporations, skilled or professional individuals, temporary workers, students and individuals in sports and the arts, we respond to the differing needs of companies and individuals with a broad spectrum of backgrounds.


At the outset, we assess the merits of a case and determine the reasonable likelihood of success. We advise our clients as to the length of the process and discuss the best strategies. Our familiarity with the law in both Canada and the United States helps us anticipate problems that may arise and seek the best solutions to difficulties encountered.